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Service Assurance

Service Assurance

Today’s communication networks are a complex mix of technology and “anytime, anywhere” Voice, Data and OTT services resulting in a "Big Data" analytic need in order to cope with the flood of information available.

Anritsu Service Assurance Solutions provide value to many groups in CSPs from operations, sales and marketing, Customer Care to engineering and planning  via the right information at the right time. Anritsu’s Service Assurance solutions simplify this and provide CSPs with the intelligence required to manage customer experience, optimise services, and maximise revenue, in a fast and scalable manner.

Whether you are looking for a network troubleshooting solution, experience of OTT apps or a multi network, multi-vendor service assurance and experience management system, Anritsu is your vendor of choice. To learn more about Anritsu Service Assurance's solutions, take a look at our brochure.


MasterClaw’s Business Intelligence portfolio addresses the critical needs of Content Service Providers (CSPs) from both business and operational perspectives.

The unique capability to convert complex network data to business impact in terms of revenue, performance and user experience helps CSPs understand their customers.

Who is using What services, how much, Where, When, on which device – and what is the actual quality of service they experience? MasterClaw Fast Analytic Insights give you the answers to these questions.



Anritsu Service Assurance solutions deliver intelligence and functionality contributing to the overall improved operational efficiency, as well as insight into network planning for CSPs to ensure high Quality of Service (QoS) and Customer Satisfaction.

Our leading performance monitoring solutions enable enriched end to end (E2E) visibility through reports, dashboards and maps that deliver business and operational intelligence from legacy to evolved next generation networks such as LTE & IMS. Advanced analytical reporting capabilities are provided in the form of drilling competences and predefined workflows that guide users and optimize the root-cause analysis process.



Anritsu Service Assurance solutions bridge the gap between network infrastructure and business systems by turning real-time network data into subscriber satisfaction and operational savings.

Service Providers can create customized data views through an intuitive web-based portal, turning complex technical data into understandable operational information.

MasterClaw Solutions provide insight into network problems using real-time and historical information extracted from the network. Our tools enable quicker problem resolution, thereby saving engineers’ time, reducing impact on subscribers and restoring revenue faster.



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