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Service Assurance

Multi-Dimensional Assurance

Anritsu’s Multi-Dimensional Assurance Solution provides CSPs (Communications Service Providers) with unrivalled visibility of network and service performance that enables optimization of the customer experience, understanding of how customers use data services and understanding the impact problems have on customers. The solution provides unique visibility of the experience of ALL your customers, including the numbers impacted by any problem in the right context and at the right time.

Multi-Dimensional Assurance provides value to the following groups within CSPs:

  • Network and service operations
  • Customer care
  • Marketing
  • Customer experience teams
  • Corporate sales
  • C-Level

Whether for a CTO who needs to see overall service performance, a product manager seeing if their new offering is succeeding, a corporate sales executive re-negotiating a multi-million contract or network planner deciding where best to invest new capacity – Multi-Dimensional Assurance has the actionable intelligence you need.

To learn more about Anritsu Service Assurance's solutions, take a look at our brochure. For more information please contact us at: info@anritsu.com



eoSight is the new next generation Big Data solution with state-of-the-art visualizations. Whether you measure your data lake by the billions of call detail records or by the peta-byte, eoSight allows you to build a multi-dimensional data driven view of your customers, network, applications and devices. State-of-the-art visualizations are combined with in memory analytics and predictive analysis of key business metrics to give you a view of not only the past, but also of the future.

  • Easy to use multi-dimensional analytics
  • Answers to complex queries in real-time
  • No time wasted on costly customization
  • Answering ”what was the experience of SME employees at their HQ location this morning when accessing 4G data services using an iPhone 5?”




eoLive is the latest generation real-time customer experience dashboard solution that turns data into real-time actionable intelligence of customer experience by alerting on issues that can impact services along with the number of customers impacted by any issue, giving instant prioritization for people constantly in information overload.

  • NOC/SOC tool
  • Proactive monitoring of customer impacting issues
  • Minimize network and service downtime and increase customer satisfaction





MasterClaw is the market leading multi-technology solution supporting NFV/SDN that gives you 24x7x365 visibility of network, service, App and customer along with unrivalled troubleshooting.

  • Sophisticated troubleshooting toolset
  • Resolution of complex issues in reduced time





Anritsu’s Business Value Services (BVS) enable you to improve your business by optimizing the cost and increasing the revenue and customer loyalty. Our service porfolio helps you maximize the return of investment of Anritsu standard products and enables the provisioning of valuable information driving your business decisions.

  • Managed Services
  • Professional Services
  • Training





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