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Service Assurance


Every network experiences problems. The key to solving them is to have the precise tools at hand to address them the instant they are detected. Anritsu offers a customizable toolbox that provides network engineers with comprehensive, instantly accessible tools to troubleshoot problems fast across converged wireless and data communications networks


  • Troubleshoot complex problems with limited information
  • Our Troubleshoot solutions cover converged, next generation (NGN), legacy and hybrid networks across signalling, userplane and voice quality
  • Network vendor neutral - Protect your subscribers confidentiality by integrating security and access rights
  • Scalable from a few links to tens of thousand's
  • Correlation between different signalling links, userplane data and voice quality 

Your subcribers experience the benefits
Reduced time-to-market for new services and quickly resolved network problems translate into increased subscriber satisfaction and increased operator revenue.

Reduce complexity and technician workload
Powerful end-to-end tracing across converged networks gives you the complete troubleshooting advantages in heterogeneous network infrastructures. Our intuitive, web-based portal makes it easy to view information that pinpoints where the problem is, reducing the technician's workload.

Revenue Protection
When a service is unreliable or unavailable, revenue is being lost until the problem can be identified and action taken to resolve it. Anritsu’s troubleshooting applications provide the best tools to uncover the root cause of problems, and prevent revenue-loss once action is taken.

Customized data views

These can be examined through an intuitive, user-friendly, and web/browser-based portal that turns complex, technical network data into more understandable and operational information, making it easier to resolve problems faster and more efficiently.

Instant verification of corrective actions

The verification (in dashboards and KPI reports) allows problems to be anticipated and addressed quickly and cost-effectively while reducing time-to-market for new services.

Historical end-to-end and real-time call tracing

Together with protocol analysis, this feature makes problems visible to be resolved instantly. The need for 24/7 monitoring by technicians is reduced, as well as subscriber problems and costs.

Vendor independent

The non-intrusive probes enable operators and service providers to monitor converged multi-vendor networks, without any dependency on any network equipment vendor. The solution is vendor independent - meaning that it is designed to provide point-to-point tracing across converged networks, giving advantages in heterogeneous network infrastructures.

Cross-domain troubleshooting Thanks to the flexibility on probe level, the troubleshooting can be made across different converged technology domains, such as traditional ISUP and SIP, as well as wireless network technologies.

Protocol decoding

The integrated protocol decoders provide seamless drilldown to protocol message level giving access to all signal data for in-depth fault analysis.

ScreenshotEnd to end cross domain session trace.





MasterClaw™ is a probe based non-intrusive monitoring system designed to provide full end-to-end monitoring of converged networks, making MasterClaw the leading service and network monitoring system for GSM, GPRS, UMTS, SS7 and VoIP networks. Signaling and user plane data captured by the distributed high performing intelligent MasterClaw probes is turned into critical business and operational information. The data is available to users in both real-time and via comprehensive reports.
As part of Anritsu's overall Service Assurance Solution portfolio, MasterClaw provides a set of powerful and intuitive applications:
Base system: 
Quick Application Launch Portal
The portal is the focal point for MasterClaw providing a quick and integrated access to all applications and real-time graphical overview of the network and service performance. With the ability to customize the portal content, and control user-rights, your MasterClaw users only get the information relevant to them. The browser-based GUI provides an easy-to-use single sign-on access to the MasterClaw applications via the application launcher.

Alarm Manager
Network surveillance application manages a wide set of alarms detected by MasterClaw, including signaling errors, network load or service quality related. Interfaces northbound to 3rd part FMS systems via standards based protocols such as SNMP are available.

Protocol Analysis
The Protocol Analysis application is a multi-user and multi-protocol systems tool used for seamless protocol decoding and filtering of historical and real-time signalling information.


Call and Session Trace
Provides a set of trace records with tabular and graphical description of the legs of the call/transaction along with the related signalling messages. Real-time and historical tracing capabilities across SS7, GSM/GPRS/UMTS and IP domains.

IP Service Troubleshooting
Our troubleshooting applications enable wireless service providers to efficient analysis and debugging of data services on user plane level over the Gn and Gp interfaces and any specific user’s ongoing or completed data sessions. It provides full visibility on data service performances of specific subscribers assuring easy detection of flaws and errors. Being fully integrated with the standard Call and Session Trace application, the IP Service Troubleshooting Tool provides a consolidated view of a user’s IP service session by correlating the user plane service performance indicators collected over Gn and Gp interfaces, with related signaling messages.

Real Time Monitoring:
Traffic Observer
The Traffic Observer is a real time network and service monitoring application, which provides an instant overview of the performance and service level via a powerful intuitive GUI. Being an essential tool for the fast paced working environment of many NOC and SOC’s, Traffic Observer allows operational personnel to immediately detect abnormalities in the network load, quality of service, and the general performance, in order to take action on network problem before they affect the end-user services. When the system includes the Alarm Manager application, it is possible to enable alarm generation on its derived counters by defining specific thresholds or enabling the self learning threshold capability embedded in the application.

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