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Handheld Software Tools (HHST) is legacy software that allows downloading traces from A, B, C, and D series Site Masters for PC based analysis and report generation.

HHST has been replaced by Line Sweep Tools (LST) and will have no further releases.

  • LST's user interface will be very familiar to current HHST users.
  • LST offers workflow enhancements that make the trace processing task much quicker.

See the Line Sweep Tools link (above) for further details.

HHST Compatible Operating Systems
HHST is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista 32 bit operating systems.

Tool Box

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Download Handheld Software Tools v6.61 

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Version 6.61 (Released December 21, 2007)
HHST Version History

USB Driver

(4178 KB)

Download USB to Serial Adapter driver
Driver for the Tripp Lite brand USB to Serial Adapter distributed by Anritsu

(1312 KB)

Download USB to Serial Adapter driver
Driver for the Northstar brand USB to Serial Adapter distributed by Anritsu


 USB Serial Adapter Installation Tips

Key Features of Handheld Software Tools
Review the key features of Handheld Software Tools (HHST). Includes measurement screen shots

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Site Master Software Tools (v5.30)
Supports models: 110, 111, 330, and 331 only


Version 5.30
SMST Version History (Supports only models 110, 111, 330, and 331)

Read the Handheld Software Tools FAQ before installing

 Master User's Group and Forums
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 Cable List
Coaxial cable loss and propogation factor information

(30 KB)

 Signal Standard List
Frequencies, channels and bandwidths of many Air Interface Standards

(29 KB)

 Waveguide List
Cutoff frequencies, propogation data for common waveguide types

(31 KB)

 Antenna List
Antenna gain and frequency information for Anritsu supplied antennas

Installing your exe files

  • Run the exe file and extract the file to your PC
  • Open HHST to use the file and upload it to the unit
  • Select the Tools menu and choose which file Editor you would like to upload

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