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Discover how you can get better measurement confidence with VectorStar Vector Network Analyzers in both R&D and manufacturing environments.

VectorStar offers accuracy and precision as well as a variety of features and options to cover a wide range of measurements from S-parameter measurements on microwave filters to pulse distortion or noise figure measurements on mm-wave components for use in high-performance radar systems.

Explore VectorStar VNA Configurations

Precision without compromise.

When it comes to rugged handheld instruments for military, aerospace, public safety and other demanding field-test environments, nobody is more experienced than Anritsu.

Now in the 9th generation, our best-in-class handheld Vector Network Analyzers and handheld Spectrum Analyzers deliver the precision, accuracy and stability you need to get the right readings every time.

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New models have been added! Choose from dozens of capabilities, features and option choices, determine which handheld instrument is the right one for the job.

Just plug in your frequency and measurement needs and let the Handheld Product Selector point you to the best Anritsu instrument for the job.

Showcasing a wide range of videos, tutorials, and demonstrations.
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When you're faced with punishing field conditions, be sure you have the right tools for the job.

When it comes to meeting your key performance indicators, such as dropped calls, call denial, or call blocking rates, count on our base station solutions for quick problem resolution, accurate testing, and fast verification of installations and commissions of base stations.

Interference is a constant problem for wireless network operators. Our air interface optimization tools can help mitigate these problems by analyzing call events, signal strength, and neighbor information quickly and easily.

Our powerful backhaul solutions provide a comprehensive solution for deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting wireless backhaul in a lightweight package.

This 18 minute presentation is divided into the following subjects: Introduction to equivalent-time sampling, NLTL shock line sampler receivers, VNA system configuration, NLTL signal sources, External transceiver modules, Broadband VNA performance.

Learn how wide-band VNAs incorporate non-linear transmission lines (also known as shock lines) to generate short pulses at microwave and millimeter wave frequencies.

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This 29-minute presentation, hosted by Dr. Martin Grace, describes the use of the Anritsu MN-4690B test set used in conjunction with the MS4640A VectorStar VNA to measure the multi-port S-parameters of 4-terminal balanced devices.

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