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Message from the Top Management

    Vice President
    Toshisumi Taniai
    Message from the Top Management

    The Anritsu CSR Report marks its fifth anniversary this year. Over this period, social conditions have evolved at a bewildering pace, and we have observed dramatic change in what shareholders consider important, particularly in valuation standards and criteria. I believe it is important for the sake of identifying the next criteria that we further strengthen communication and share information with all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, investors, business partners and local communities.


    We believe our mission is to continue contributing to the building of a safe, secure and comfortable society through our core business; and therefore our business activities in themselves constitute CSR. By clearly defining a unified business strategy that runs throughout the entire organization, we can align our internal management and activities to meet stakeholder expectations.


    In our environmental efforts, for example, the major strategy for our operations should be guided by Life Cycle Thinking, that is, preventing global warming and other impacts throughout the product lifecycle rather than resting on the achievement of separate targets.


    Since the solution business constitutes the core of our enterprise, stakeholders who are generally unfamiliar with our business may have difficulty understanding how this specific type of business can contribute to society. We will therefore report on our CSR activities clearly and concisely while more actively communicating with stakeholders to further enhance the overall quality of our management and more firmly establish the Anritsu brand. We look forward to and deeply appreciate your continued support.

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