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Optical Transport Network - OTN

OTN Poster

Optical Transport Network (OTN)

OTN Poster
OTN (Optical Transport Network) with the recent updates to the ITU-T G.709 standard is quickly becoming the preferred transport technology for telecom operators across many facets of their network. OTN encompasses many enhancements over the traditional SDH or SONET networks such as “Optimized transport of legacy and future technologies” and “Greater alarming and management of the network”, for these reasons alone it’s the natural progression path for telecom operators.

Anritsu is committed to OTN as a technology and has been actively involved with it for many years, please return to this page for future updates and reference material related to OTN.

OTN Reference Poster

This full color reference poster provides all the reference data required by the next generation of fixed line (OTN) engineers in a single location. The comprehensive data provided by this poster will allow any engineer to quickly understand the many facets of OTN. Areas included not only cover how an OTN works, the expected errors/alarms and fault conditions as well as the terminology.


Key details include:

  • OTU Frame diagram
  • Detailed explanation of the all section of the OTU Frame
  • Interface rates broken-down to payload rates including example payloads
  • Mapping structure
  • Maintenance Signal Network Interaction
  • TCMi operation details
  • Understanding accurate BER Testing via the ITU-T O.182 standard (see below whitepaper for more details)
  • Complete glossary of acronyms and payload descriptions
OTN Poster
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OTN White Paper - FEC Efficiency New Test Method

Download Anritsu's free FEC Efficiency New Test Method white paper that describes the importance of testing an OTN network using truly randomized error insertion as described in the ITU-T O.182 standard. By comparing the "old" Analog with the "new" Digital methodologies, the importance of testing to the O.182 standard can be clearly identified. If you are testing an OTN network without Poisson Error insertion you are not testing your networks to their limits.

Download this White Paper for full details.


Anritsu OTN equipment - Anritsu has several testers which support OTN including;

  • MD1260A - 40/100G Ethernet Analyzer
  • MP1595A - 40G SDH/SONET Analyzer
  • MP1590B - Network Performance Tester
  • CMA5000a - With the Universal Transport Analysis (UTA) Module
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