Land Mobile Radio Analyzer and Coverage Measurements for Anritsu’s RF and Microwave Handheld Instruments : Spectrum Master NXDN Coverage (Option 532) : Measurement Graphs

Measurement Graphs
This section describes the three NXDN Coverage graphs that are available. Numerical values for channel power, modulation fidelity, and bit error rate are shown at the bottom of the screen.
RSSI vs. Time
Displays the Received Signal Strength Indicator of the selected frequency over time. The display shows the most recent 551 measured points, covering approximately 25 minutes, when synchronized to an NXDN-compatible signal. The most recent data appears at the right edge of the display.
BER vs. Time
Displays the Bit Error Rate of the selected frequency over time, with the most recent data appearing at the right edge of the display. Press the Setup main menu key then press the RX Pattern (BER Pattern) submenu key to select a pattern. The instrument can detect bit error rates for the Standard Tone or the Standard Transmitter Test (O.153/V.52) patterns. It can also use a proprietary method to estimate BER on every-day voice traffic or evaluate CRC errors in Control Channel Messages producing the Message Error Rate (MER).
Each group of 256 symbols is compared to the selected pattern to generate the bit error rate values for each graphical data point.
Mod Fid vs. Time
Displays the modulation fidelity of the selected signal over time, with the most recent data appearing at the right edge of the display.
GPS Synchronization and Time Graphs
RSSI vs. Time, BER/MER vs. Time and Mod Fid vs Time graphs assume that GPS information is desired with each data point. For each graph point displayed, the instrument will check to ensure that the GPS module is synchronized with the GPS satellites before displaying the point. If the GPS module is in sync, the data point is in the standard yellow color. If the GPS module has lost synchronization with the satellites, the data point will be displayed in red.
The trace colorization is a display-only feature. It is not stored with the trace measurement data.
When Log Data is On, the instrument will save the measurements to the external USB flash drive.

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